Tanzania  has  enacted  a  new  law  to protect personal information officially. It establishes rules for collecting and using data by public and private entities, emphasizing creation of a Personal Data Protection Commission to enhance data security.

Data protection refers to the set of practices, measures and regulations designed to safeguard sensitive information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or destruction. It ensures data is collected, processed, and stored securely and ethically in compliance with laws, preserving privacy, and preventing breaches or misuse, crucial in today’s digital world. Privacy, concerning data protection and personal information, pertains to an individual’s entitlement to  manage, control and shield their personal data from unauthorized access, utilization, exposure or  disclosure.  It  includes  the  right  to maintain certain information confidential and determine when and how it’s shared.

Every individual has the right to safeguard their personal information, enabling them to exercise control over their data and prevent discriminatory practices. This is crucial for reasons such as preventing security breaches and protecting sensitive information like financial and medical records from falling into the wrong hands. It also combats identity theft, a prevalent form of fraud, by securing data used for identity verification.

Additionally, safeguarding personal information   enhances   financial   security and shields against severe consequences resulting from data breaches. Data protection promotes trust, security, compliance with laws, and ethical responsibility across diverse sectors including      businesses,      government agencies,  and  online  platforms  in  our digital era.

This  law  aligns  with  Tanzania’s constitution, affirming the right to privacy. Individuals can report privacy violations to the commission, which can levy fines of up to TZS 100 million. Dissatisfied parties can appeal to the High Court. This legislation marks a significant stride in safeguarding personal information and privacy in Tanzania.

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