Guardians of Your Data: Unveiling the Power of Privacy

Tanzania  has  enacted  a  new  law  to protect personal information officially. It establishes rules for collecting and using data by public...

Global Insights and Fine Dining: Situs Attends ANTEA’s 15th EMEA Conference in Vienna

ANTEA, the Alliance of independent firms headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, recently hosted its 15th EMEA conference in Vienna, Austria. The conference...

Situs partners with Debitura.

We are a leading debt collection agency on a mission to make international debt collection convenient, efficient, and affordable.

Breaking Barries: Tanzania Opens Doors to Non-Citizens and Diaspora for Land Ownership.

In May 2011, Dr. Fauz Twaib J presided over a landmark case in Tanzania involving EMMANUEL MARANGAKIS, who was acting as...

Opening and Maintaining a Foreign Currency Bank Account for Non-Citizen Tanzanian Diaspora.

 Non-citizen Tanzanian Diaspora may face several situations when opening and maintaining a foreign currency bank account in Tanzania.

How legal audit process works

Generally Legal Audit means that the company is dully abiding by the overall guidelines and standards’ set by the law